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900mg Kandy Kandy Extreme Gummies


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Product Description

WARNING: EXTREME STRENGTH. For experienced users only – contains high doses of THC.

Buckle Up! 300mg PER GUMMY! These are obviously only for seasoned users...exercise caution even when thinking about ordering these. Most people are looking at this for the crazy potency, but remember The quality of the gummy itself is top-notch! Kandy Kandy makes premium candy, high-quality gelatin, and natural flavours that try to mask the undeniable taste of the THC jam-packed inside.

if you have a couple of days off and your tolerance can climb like GameStop stock, then buy these now!

What's in the container.

3 X 300mg THC Gummies

Keep far away from Children and Pets. These are for experienced users.

Even for your safety start low and go slow. Allow up to an hour for the full effects to kick in.




Chapeau melon 2021-08-16 01:42:34

Je le suggère à tout le monde, ça veau la peine