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11gr Dealers Choice Flower Grab Bag


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Product Description

if you want to try a selection of strains, try our Dealer's Choice deal for 11 x 1gram bags of different weed, from indica, hybrids, and sativas!

Since we have so many strains on the menu, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. This deal is for a mix and match that we put together for you :)

This is a perfect choice for a daily medium-strength stoner- best if you like to hit it out of bongs. Take it from me, switching strains throughout the night makes each hit a new experience! Your highs will stay fresh and strong- don't smoke a quarter in a night, smoke a pinch from different strains for a full night of giggles and wonderment!



coverttech 2021-05-22 10:25:24

good selection