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27gr Happy Face Hash Buckle

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

These showed up from a well-respected supplier of ours. The Happy Face and Golden Ticket came in odd weights the Golden Ticket is 13grams and the Happy Face is 27grams. They are also all different. Some are darker and others lighter in color. The aroma is diesel, pine earthy. The slabs are flexible but snap when bent too far. From our Domestic supplier, but these take on many of the qualities of Imported Ketama Gold.

The smoke hits hard and comes on fast, definitely an Indica dominate hash and priced right.




Toke Street 2021-06-15 05:52:58

This is a great desert hash with its Middle Eastern nose and aroma when lit. It packs a punch and keeps you “casual” all day but be prepared to stare into space if you bang it off blades to combust every last bit.