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28g Hash Ball / Chunk Deal Assorted Options

Value Hash

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Product Description

1oz Hash Ball / Chunk Deal Can't be beaten.

Mystery Hash - 40g Chunk - This is the only one that is 40g.

Are we saying that you pay for 28g and get 40g. That's exactly what we are saying.

We could guess all day at which exact hash this is but this is more fun. You get a 40g chunk of hash with a light aroma. Spicy and earth, the high is on the import side of things and easy to smoke. There are only 3, so if you like to roll the dice and get a pile of good hash this is for you.

Star Afghani

Working this into joints or a snake might be hard, We found that warming it up in your hand and pinching off a small amount then lightly hitting it with a lighter made it malleable for many uses.



Hanz 2022-04-27 10:15:43

Star afghani,Nice smooth smoke,smooth flavour ,great buzz and body effects, followed by relaxation,for the price on a sale that's definitely a good deal ,not to be missed,great work cheebas and good quality for such a price.

Jason 2022-04-18 11:59:23

This was really nice hash. Smoked nice and clean with a soft smoke. I enjoyed the stone. Was to be expected

Laqwette 2022-04-26 12:44:47

Star Afgani. Great afgani taste and high. Hard hash but when heated it's ok. Could have a better smell. For the price I paid, I will not complain