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Live Resin

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Here's your opportunity to buy beautiful Full Spectrum Live Resin at the best price in Canada! Peazy's are now producing bulk jars and the price savings are worth it! if you like the smooth taste and soaring high of a quality Live Resin, this is the thing for you!

At a little over $13/gram, this is a great jar to buy- split it with some friends or smoke the whole thing by yourself (if you have a month off work)

Big Smooth is an Indica-dominant hybrid that's perfect for a late afternoon smoke...not too heavy where you get glued to a couch, and not energetic so you won't be up all night.

... if you want a strong Indica, then try El Chapo! You'll find yourself so stoned you'll be in a tunnel on your way to freedom in no time!

Skittlez is a potent Indica dominant hybrid with an amazing flavor profile.




FO Biggles 2021-11-30 06:04:52

HooooO-ooO-EEyyy!! El Chapo! (What a chap, eh?) I tunnelled all the way to China, said "Hēi! Huózhe zhēn hǎo!!" to some dead relatives, then tunnelled all the way back, with a brief stop-over in Paris, France. & I didn't even leave my chair. Nice stuff!! Very Nice Stuff!!! Very VERY NICE STUFF, INDEED!!!!! So, I'm giving it 5 stars-- flat out. & since the end of the "before-time" of casual hash smoking ('bout a year ago), I've rarely given 5 stars. In fact, I believe this review is the 1st! Or is it the 2nd? Heh, can't recall ... oh well. What's it smell like, unsmoked, "in-the-jar"? Sort of a cross between Vick's Vaporub & BBQ, or perhaps a very slight, just a hint of body odour ... all the same, it's not entirely unpleasant as it's not entirely uncurious. & what's it taste like? Kinda like smoke off an exotic wood, faintly spicey. What's it smell like, smoked? Smoke ... it smells like smoke. & finally, does it get you high? Got me high, & I'm a chronic smoker, all day, every day ... ... & man, am I thirsty.

maddog 2021-11-01 11:43:29

This product tastes like honey oil from too many years past. Highly recommended and excellent high and value