Banana Clip Sift Hash
Banana Clip Sift Hash

Banana Clip Sift Hash

Sift Hash

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Product Description

Banana Clip Sift Hash at Cheebas

Banana Clip originated on the Gulf Islands in BC in 2016. Tastes like bubble gum, banana and fruits. A must try if you are a sift hash lover.



bic069 2020-02-23 01:47:02

c'est devenu mon favori!!! très bon gout, buzz a souhait, ne pas fumer le jours par contre car vous allez briser votre journée hahaha!!! great

Supernatural1971 2019-11-05 12:42:43

I find it all natural nice flavor 8.4 Effects 8,8 Appearance nice big chunk 10 Nice to try the weed strain & Rocket speed shipping with Cheebas!

CanadianMetalFan 2019-08-12 08:50:17

Being from the Gulf Islands you know you are getting quality and this sure delivers! Put a little bit in a joint or a bowl and prepare to fly! This kind of reminds me of Ketama Gold in appearance, but different texture. I don't imagine this would hot knife too well. I'll buy more of this for sure!

Supernatural1971 2019-07-29 09:48:29

scent & Taste 9.4 High 8.8 banana kush feel smokes & spreads out 7.6 burns fast nice potent inhale & exhale! Glad to try recommend 48% THC reorder a Bushell

slickgreek 2019-07-01 01:47:11

this shit actually smells and taste like banana cake!!! great buy!

Ronstrudel 2019-08-17 12:19:44

Very easy to powder ... no need to heat it. On the other hand, the taste leaves something to be desired ... there is a small chemical taste. Nevertheless, the effect is respectable.