Bees Nectar - Pink Panties
Bees Nectar - Pink Panties

Bees Nectar - Pink Panties


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Product Description

Bees Nectar Shatter at Cheebas

Bees Nectar Pink Panties Shatter. Pink Panties is a cross of burmese kush and a Florida Kush. Offers a slow, creeping high that may take several minutes after users have finished smoking to feel its initial effects.

A weighty feeling is soon match with heaviness in the core and limbs. This will soon have you seaking out a cozy place to lay down and spend the time daydreaming.

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kmiller 2020-04-22 11:28:38

taste: 1* smell: 4* high: 4.5* Such a great shatter. The high is good but i cannot get over the taste lol. I mean it was like chemically or i dont know just PERSONALLY not a good one for me, i would order it again. My husband enjoyed it and I enjoyed the high, so if you look past taste than this is a great shatter. Plus with Bees Nectar their shatter looks like shattered glass and I really loved that easy to out in my vape not to sticky to the touch. but...... THE TASTE.