Blue Cheese Kief/Rosin Hash
Blue Cheese Kief/Rosin Hash

Blue Cheese Kief/Rosin Hash

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Blue Cheese Kef Rosin Hash at Cheebas

A unique crumbly hash made by pressing high grade kief with rosin plates makes this hash product. Perfect to crumble into a joint or enjoy on it's own. Since it is quite crumbly this hash is probably not the best for BTs but it great in a joint/pipe/bong. Made from the strain Blue Cheese.

The nose on this hash is crazy pungent!



Montreal puffer 2020-09-29 03:03:14

I've tried many of Cheeba's domestic and imported hash, and I find this one up there with the best..a solid 5er. Takes a bit to kick in....Let it sit on your mind for 10 or 15 mins...then truly nice. Great for music.

dave 2020-09-05 10:39:32

really good but there was just 0.9 this the first time but one of the best I tasted so far..

malik 2020-09-01 03:56:37

I am Moroccan I come from the country of H and I used to smoke hash from Morocco and believe me this hash it is very good it is very clean

Bayern 2020-08-12 01:42:58

Very nice for the price will order this again definitely get your bang for your buck here

kg 2020-08-11 05:09:11

bon et agréable

Gerald fabian 2020-07-25 01:47:08

Wasnt as pungent as I expected. Nice high though. Well worth the $.

frigginfrigger 2020-07-24 03:00:18

This is really nice through a water pipe...and "crazy pungent" is exactly what you get. Strong, and somewhat spicy flavor and an aroma that I can only describe as "exotic". I would love to see the flowers this comes from. Easy five stars...thank you once again, Cheeba's.

Jimbo 2020-06-10 12:24:53

Wow! Very good scent and very good taste. Easily handy and very soft texture. Very powerful buzz. Only positive to say about that one. Wow ! Très bonne senteur et très bon goût. Texture facilement maniable et très molle. Buzz très puissant. Seulement du positif à dire sur celui-là. Thank you Cheebas, You offer a good variety of quality products at fair prices. Then it's like wine: a question of taste and budget. You also offer a very good service with quick and precise answers. A+ Merci Cheebas, Vous offrez une bonne variété de produits de qualités à prix honnêtes. Après c'est comme le vin : une question de goût et de budget. Vous offrez également un très bon service avec des réponses rapides et précises. A+

DeanW 2020-05-26 05:30:03

Very nice hash!

honestherb 2020-05-08 08:07:15

Back in the day a gram of pot was $10 this tasty treat is $13 this is not only a deal its awesome sticky and oily its best on the blades the taste is almost like honey oil and old school black hash and if you use the blades, BAM. have not tried the pipe or joint

dirklance 2020-03-24 05:16:19

This hash smells amazing and is very smooth. It also gives a really nice clear and uplifting high. I really enjoyed this!!

Coverttech 2020-03-24 05:13:51

Works well for medical issues (epilepsy, seizers, insomnia).

Happy stoner 2020-02-08 01:40:02

Truely unique hash, love the taste and gets me right baked! Lol and as mentioned has a very strong aroma that hits ya as soon as the container is opened. Will be ordering more!

Supernatural1971 2019-12-23 03:59:00

piped it price on point $13/g like these ranges Love BC hybrid strain nice in pipe kief/rosin 9.3 all boxes Hungry & Aroused smoke noon till 10pm recommend

Hangashore 2020-09-09 04:06:43

Mild smell and taste and very smooth and potent! Danke!

NaSTy 2020-05-07 08:11:53

Awesome! In every way.