Mercedes Blueberry *Flavored* Hash

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Product Description

Blueberry flavoured Mercedes hash



Glen Etmanski 2020-09-22 05:44:01

This blueberry *flavored*Hash is by far my favorite yummy... Thanks Cheebas

dave 2020-09-11 05:00:31

good hash for the prize great buzz good taste !!

King Kanabis 2020-09-07 03:07:21

Loved this. Good mix of body & head stone. Great taste. Even better price. Although some of the more pricey stuff kicks harder, this was great stuff for this price catagory.

Shawn Leblanc 2020-09-01 03:57:23

Been a long time since I've had some good hash.Can't beat the price. Ty

Nathalie Monpetit 2020-08-21 04:30:43

Superbe, mon préféré, l odeur que j aime, excellent hash. Bon buzz, relaxe.

Kyle F 2020-08-06 06:19:22

Bubblegum and blue berry are the two I got. I loved them both. People I smoked it with assumed it was worth $20 a gram at least

Wayne 2020-07-16 08:36:36

Good flavour Great price

ted 2020-07-02 09:39:48

the blueberry is nice but i really liked the peach flavour much more. i appreciate all the selection and keep coming back

bt Louiseville Qc 2020-06-28 04:38:53

really black hash even inside , great for the price, nice soft texture for bts but falls easily or doesn't stick on cig

MARK1TO 2020-06-19 02:44:26

Best Mercedes on market. Soft and tasty. Nice buzz and mild on throat. Crazy for the price

Toke Street 2020-06-07 02:04:01

Quoi de mieux qu’une tisane au bleuets calmante avant de se coucher. La copine ne peut s’en passer pour une nuit empassionée. Merci Cheebas. Tous vos hash sont différents et super!

Ruuuudolf 2020-06-06 01:32:16

Nice Product !!!! Quick delivery in Quebec, enjoy Cheebas products they doing amazing job !!!

Micheal Greene 2020-05-19 05:47:16

High folks. Like I said for my Mercedes hash review, every site has Mercedes hash and well, every site seems to have a Blueberry hash also lol! Sites that sell hash that is. Anyway, I really like Cheebas Mercedes hash so figured I’d try the Blueberry. Yup, smells friggin fantastic! Like sugared chocolate and blueberries! The flavour does not really follow through like the nose does but that nice Mercedes hash high is there. Not too shabby. I like it! Price is on point so you can keep this stuff around for a delicious quick fix. Nice hybrid high that leans slightly indica dom in my opinion. Nice white ash. Second favourite Blueberry hash I’ve come across. Cheers!✌️

Grimreefer 2020-05-10 05:44:10

Got the blueberry pretty good stuff I'd order it again

Super Dave 2020-04-23 01:03:20

Tres bon hash pour le prix. Moi je m'en sert pour me faire des tisanes, 0.3 g dans de l'eau chaud et c'est parti pour 5 ou 6 heures.

TropiCannibis Todd 2020-04-19 11:55:23

Blueberry flavoured Mercedes , was interesting , it's really got that blueberry smell and taste , that's for sure and the wife loved it , as for me Its identical to my review of Mercedes maybe a ( Solid 5.0 ) very black , maluable ,super soft and it fluffed fine .... with a hybrid balanced high , Ya I dont think I'm a fan of it ..... But its worth at least a try .... It's fun .....

Karen 2020-04-17 07:59:37

Loved the taste and buzz...excellent price!

Chove 2020-04-07 05:45:40

Really nice smoke! Love the taste from the bowl, and a nice chill stone. 9 for smoke, 7 for buzz. Will order again for sure

George Ramsay 2020-03-24 05:17:29

A delicious smoke. Excellent quality. This hash crumbles very nicely, once heated with a lighter. I loved it.

Supernatural1971 2019-07-29 09:48:31

Best blueberry hash on net Be aware other Moms sell for double! Taste & aroma divine 9 buzz 6.8 smokes 7.5 5* flavor & price TY Cheebas

Kimmie 2019-06-13 11:48:25

Absolutely LOVE this hash, the flavour of blueberry is so intense, perfect for my hash pipe, not too gummy, and smells amazing!!

Kari 2019-06-10 08:31:36

Upon trying this more, I can confirm that this is a very good product. The flavoring really works and the potency is considerable. The price/quality is through the roof. My favorite of the flavored hashes I have tried.

NewfoundlandMan 2019-06-09 02:38:41

I really like this Mercedes Blueberry Flavoured Hash! Smells and tastes just like blueberries, nice and pliable and smokes great rolled into a spliff with just a pinch of tobacco. I found the buzz to be nice and relaxing and put a smile on my face...a good daytime or nightime draw. I will definitely re-order this delicious treat and encourage everyone to give it a try! :)

scottiejoe 2019-03-29 02:36:02

I must say i am new to Hash but found this to be fantastic. Great mood enhancer, great high and lets just say the music was in me. boy did i ever dance. lol. overall A++++++

sudbury 2019-03-24 02:08:56

excellent hash and smell taste buzz perfect

A MUNRO 2019-03-19 07:47:26

Not bad at all . Was impressed . Taste 5 smoke 6.5 and not to gummy.

Supernatural1971 2019-02-18 05:03:45

Surprised how natural and real powerful the blueberry taste was like a blue slushie. I like taste of hash but was curious $1 cheaper a g I thought gee try it! Glad I did if u want sum great flavor get this Taste 10 effects 7.5 smokes bts 8 recommend get few grams! blue strains mix with majic, montero. mystic. magoo, heron & of course berry! cheese please x blu

Kittybong 2019-02-17 01:44:27

I really enjoyed the blueberry flavour. The hash crumbled easy, was a bit sticky, so malleable enough to form however you like. I personally prefer flattened little piece to smoke in a bong. The high relaxing, but didn't leave me couch locked. Also effective on back pain. Thank you!

Charles Shrier 2020-07-12 09:35:09

tasty, but ill stick with the non flavored mercedes. im old school i guess

Josh 2020-02-12 11:51:44

Happy with this product. Have ordered it half a dozen times. Sometime it seems the blueberry smell is alot stronger then others but for the price I am happy with it. Beats some higher graded stuff.

Franky 2020-01-24 10:31:41

Pour le prix, voici un hash comme il y a 20 ans....good old shit. Le gout est léger, ne goute pas vraimemt les bleuets a mon avis mais très bon. Buzz plus au niveau de la tête et juste assez puissant. Fumé a la pipe. Général 7.5/10

Billy 2019-08-19 07:05:26

Good news/bad news on this one. Had a sample sent by the fine staff and loved it. It smelled like you were in a thick patch of blueberries. I’ve had tons of blueberry flavoured cannabis products and smell/ taste wise this stuff was by far the best I have ever had. Super easy to handle smokes clean and tastes like it smells smooth clean and crisp. Liked it so much I ordered a 1/4 and was expecting the same stuff. Once again Cheebas staff were amazing and sent a nice 8.8 gram chunk. Bad news is it was not the same stuff still decent but it broke my heart. For the price though I’m going to keep buying it until it runs out of stock super deal. The first stuff I would have rated a 4 the new batch is just average a solid 3. If you like Blueberry this stuff won’t disappoint. 😬👍

Kari 2019-05-08 10:34:17

I was pleasantly surprised by this one, it's quite good. Similar to the normal Mercedes, good blueberry smell/taste and it's pretty potent. Very good price/quality.

CSA 2019-03-14 01:34:52


ZiggyW 2020-06-28 04:39:23

Was an okay hash. Wasn't a big fan, but it still did the trick regardless.

Elvis 2020-05-13 01:15:31

Nice smell burns a little like hash smell, texture is ok. I think the other mercedes crap got me thrown off.

Chet 2020-04-26 02:58:19

Again ok hash you can get different flavours. Decent buzz for a decent price. But if your looking for top end this isn’t for you.

DougieMcSpliff 2020-04-16 06:57:59

The flavour is really unneeded and almost takes away from the experience. Glad I tried it as I had been eyeing it in curiosity.

alroute 2019-03-17 01:45:26

Tres bonne qualitée , bon buzz, bon gout, que du positif!!!!

Paul C 2019-03-14 01:35:50

Nice surprise, actually tastes like blueberrys. Taste 9. Smoke 8 , high 7 , very nice.