Bubba Sapphire Cured Hash
Bubba Sapphire Cured Hash

Bubba Sapphire Cured Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Bubba Sapphire Hash at Cheebas

This is an ultra premium hash offering from the makers of the popular gypsy caravan hash we carried in the past. The hash makers have studied the art of hash making and learned from several different hash makers over the years until they developed their own refined method. Made from premium quality cannabis this hash is an excellent choice for the hash connoisseur. Made from a quad batch of bubba sapphire cannabis this hash has been aged for 9 months prior to being put for sale.



Alain 2020-02-13 04:54:58

Very Good Hash, Great Taste and Very Great Buzz but on the photos the inside is brown but the one i received is green and when i open the bag a smell of weed come from this hash and it's not comparable to the Mazar i Sharif Hash so the price is too high it's my opinion and it's why i give 4 stars but it's a very good domestic Hash.

Alain 2020-02-13 03:38:06

Excellent Hash et très bon BUZZ mais il sent trop le weed pour moi. Le dedans est vert et non brun comme le Hash mais très mou et un peu collant, il est très maniable mais un peu trop cher, il n'est pas équivalent au Mazar I Sharif alors il ne vaut pas le même prix. Très bon goût en joint et gèle très bien.