Dark Knight
Dark Knight

Dark Knight


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Dark Knight is the strain to pick if you want something that isn't too potent, where you can freak out. It's tricky treating depression with cannabis, the wrong strain can put you in a deep internal mood, making your situation worse. It's common for strong indicas to be this way, and people may use it due to it's better medical benefits.

The high a non-medical user/stoner felt was a mellow head high and nice body buzz. You can definitely feel it through your body more than a goofy stoney experience.

Grandaddy Purps x Purple Kush





Klobb 2018-11-28 10:36:07

The best buzz if you don't want to feel foggy and/or paranoid. No over thinking here, just a subtle relaxing calmness. Always on the look out for strains like this, pure enjoyment from this mild indica.