Dragon Full Melt Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Dragon (Red dragon, Dragon OG) Full Melt Bubble Press Hash. This is quite a unique hash. It's made up in the Kootenays along side the full melt, but this batch has been crossed with Bubble Hash. So it's a full melt/bubble hybrid hash.

The consistency is clearly a mix of the two...it's a very smooth high that's great for daytime smoking. It won't knock you out, but rather give a modest buzz from your toes to your head.

The deep brown colour will turn to a near black once the brick has been portioned, so expect a slightly darker chunk to arrive. the nose is hard to place, it's more mild than the other full melts we have in stock and a bit more earthy.

If you're shopping around for high quality hash that's new- and not just new to you- then try this hybrid full melt bubble- definitely worth it!



Bong Ripper 2022-01-11 07:33:33

Holy shit! Best hash I've ever smoked. This hits HARD like I was back in my 20's type of high. My gf couldn't understand my ramblings for a good hour or two... that means it'v very good! 5/5