Duty Free Hash
Duty Free Hash
Duty Free Hash

Duty Free Hash

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Duty Free Hash at Cheebas

Imported Afghani Black VW stamp hash is a very low mallebality hash with the classic old school taste and smell. It reminds us of mazar Sharif when breaking it up...these two are the most difficult to seperate and the smoke is also similar.

If you like mazar Sharif, then give Duty Free a shot




Jeff 2020-04-05 04:52:52

Really enjoyed this, brought back some very good memories. Tasty, long lasting, nice get you going kind of buzz. Thx cheebas!

Kari 2019-12-02 02:53:23

Great old school hash. Great taste, nice texture and good potency. Not as gummy as Mazar, texture is more like the afghanis; on the harder side and not too sticky. It's pleasent to work with and especially to smoke.

Supernatural1971 2019-11-01 10:33:43

I love the familiar taste & high 9.1 smokes BTs 7,77 Recommend old skewl hash it turns too putty mud half melt smear after charred not red rock. Very nice Hash Indica high Similar to Mazar & VW

ZOPEP 2020-06-19 02:43:51

Taste was a bit harsh , high was long lasting but I guess my expectations were too high after having read the reviews , I was expecting the taste and high to be more like the Kashmir from the 70's , where is that hash today ? Still , good purchase . Thanks Cheebas

trailman 2019-10-22 01:58:27

You never forget a taste, as i smoked this hash decades ago. The taste was never my favorite but it still hold itself pretty good in the effects department.