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Elvis 7g Sativa Tegridy Farms


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Product Description

Elvis was considered the king then went crazy in the onsey outfits and kicking and stuff. This is a strong Sativa dominant strain that is known for putting off psychedelic effects and a strong body high. Just look at the pictures, it looks like it wants to attack your senses, strong bold, colourful not to be ignored. Sound like someone?

7gram Can

The lineage is long and varied but the end result cant be disputed, this one is gonna kick like a mule. Inexperienced users could easily experience paranoia due to the euphoric effects that are put off from this flower. Some say this has an indica side that is relaxing and calming, might be but we have not found that person yet.

Can this up and get it out for an amazing Saturday tripping and hallucinating on a rare beautiful show stopper.



Shawn 2021-04-27 10:48:35

Tried this this morning when i woke up and its good weed but the price on it was high for what it is

oilfieldcowboy62 2021-04-07 12:12:19

Really nice sized buds as pictured. Very smooth no matter what way you smoke it. Thank you Tegridy Farms and Cheeba's.

Martman77 2021-04-06 01:21:14

Love the cans..product so fresh..and stays that way with the lid...nice touch. Elvis was a rock is this strain...buds just like the pictures...nice and big. Rolled up nice smoked even better. Thank you Tegridy Farms and Cheeba's for another great product.