Forbidden Fruit 300mg LOLLIPOP
Forbidden Fruit 300mg LOLLIPOP

Forbidden Fruit 300mg LOLLIPOP


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Product Description

Root Beer              Grape

Lime                      Pineapple

Orange                  Lime




Supernatural777 2020-11-11 01:07:41

Tried all flavors and I like the THC taste. Price reasonable but I would like 500+ mg as I have 2 and smoke to achieve a kickin few hours buzz recommend

medicinalflowergirl 2020-10-23 01:00:29

The price on this 300mg heavier edible is absolutely right. I wouldn’t say it’s for beginners, and if you are one..start slow as always. The packaging is awesome and allows you to put it away. This relives chronic and painful physically conditions, and the Watermelon is so yum! Great value, especially if you pay a ton out of pocket for prescriptions. It’s in my monthly orders, always!

Martman 2020-07-24 03:03:51

Love the Lollipop format. But 300mg in one is too tempting...forgot what I was doing and managed to get really wasted without trying...would prefer a 150 format....just to be safe..and not passed out. ;-) thanks Cheeba's for fast delivery of yummy product.

trailman 2020-05-04 01:32:31

Was playing the keyboards while sucking on my lollipop, and after 1/3 i had to put it aside as i was getting pretty buzzed....finished it a bit later..... Love these lollipops

NaSTy 2020-04-30 11:15:30

Love it. Getting more