Gelato Sift HASH
Gelato Sift HASH

Gelato Sift HASH

Sift Hash

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Product Description

This is something special, Our sift hash maker has made this out of a beauty Gelato crop and the small alone has us all salivating. This is a limited run and won't ;ast long, If you've tried our sift hash products before this is not one to be missed!



Bayern 2020-08-17 12:23:56

The smell of this sift hash is like nothing I've ever smelt so fruit like almost smells like skittles and starbursts makes me want to eat it lol it would make killer gummys if you pressed it to rosin and made edibles 0 weed taste I bet....yuuuuuummmmmmm

TommyCannabis 2020-07-13 07:50:04

I love my joint man with some primo weeed, this gelato sift hash is primo as well. Will make you space right out if you add it to a joint. Love it. Its like chunks of keif so its up to you to smoke it how you want.

Hashman 2020-06-28 04:39:53

I don’t want to give an honest review on this hash. If I did it would all sell out and there would be none left when I’m ready to order again.

Brandan 2020-06-25 01:55:11

This is really good. Crumbles like memory sand between fingers easily put in a joint. Super potent. Will knock you the fuck out if you smoke a bit too much. Great taste. The smell is sweet almost like fuitloops or something. Koolaid? anyway. WORTH THE PRICE.

slickgreek 2019-09-09 01:03:15

The best sift on Cheebas... Perfect taste , buzz and texture

Supernatural1971 2019-05-13 11:53:50

Super Smooth 10 Smokes 9.3 BT bay-bay Effects 9 Zombie like + sativa felt like Barry Bonds Home Run Taste Italian hice -crème Recommend Reorder Its Wow Chow

Francois Cloutier 2019-04-18 01:43:40

De la pur puissance oufff... Je recherchais un dispensaire avec un grand choix de hashish de haute qualité, j'ai trouvé, CHEEBAS :-P Sur mes 6 premières sortes, Gelato Sift HASH est celle qui ma séduit!!!!! 0.1 gramme dans mon V-Tower = un 20 minutes de VAP, grosse vapeur blanche, comme c'est un HASH Kief, au vapo quand il est terminé, il ne goute plus rien... Je lui donne 5 étoiles très solide, une sorte que je ne manquerai pas de garder dans ma voute de Cannabis... Vraiment très heureux d'avoir accés légal à un tel éventail de sortes incroyable....

Wildbill 2020-12-10 12:44:47

quite good

eazyd 2019-05-19 03:24:05

very smooth. hybrid high. burn quick. taste is not as strong as the other top grade hash i tried from cheebas but still really good. the other were just unreal taste wise. i barely smoke weed since i bought cheebas hash i would be happy if i only bought this one or anyone i had from him.