Gold Seal **Flavoured** Hash (assorted flavours)


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Product Description

Gold seal hash is our most popular product! For a value brand, Gold Seal can’t be beaten! The BC made, gold stamp hash is dark and soft, perfect for rolling up balls, mixing in blunts, or bottle tokes!

For all the old school hash heads out there, Gold Seal is a perfect product to buy in bulk. Treat yourself to a nice import, then smoke the gold stamp once you’ve already hit terminal-velocity-stoned.

Mid-tier hash with a soft malleable consistency and earthy flavor profile. The 'high' is light and talkative with an added flavour that is different from the standard black hash. The strength is mid-level intensity high and a great choice for day-time pain management as it won't leave you groggy. 

Available in a wide variety of flavours.

Gold Seal hash has taken over the value brand hash market! The people have spoken, and Gold Seal is expanding their hash game. These flavours smell just like their names, its there in the smoke too. A fun few grams worth least do your smoking buddy a favor and have fresh breath ;)




Joey walkden 2020-03-24 05:15:30

I am old school and LOVES hash paid top dollar for some stuff that is not as nice as the gold seal and for the price in my opinion can’t be beat I only smoke joints but OMG great gear and the taste is nice no matter the flavour and the smell while being smoked is also pleasing I am a frequent buyer on this site and 95% of the time I order the same product the delivery times are nice also being that I am in the Artic and as far as Chebbas goes ...keep up the great work

Will 2020-02-18 01:59:07

The stuff I can't complain so far so good cheebas

Kitty Bong 2020-02-12 07:43:28

As much as I'm enjoying both the peach and raspberry cream, I really miss the rainbow splash. That was my favorite and I'm hoping it'll come in again soon.

Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 06:10:42

BB Cheesquake, nice g 9 high 8 Taste 7.3 Not like cheese or BB IMO Tasted cedar like onion OG x off foot. Great for price maybe my palate is off Liked it just not sweet but woodsy! Recommend & reorder nice smoke daytime!

Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 06:10:41

Cara mal said like great late Mr Lehay TPB #1! Taste 9.3 Buzz 7,77 Nice price, easy smoke, nice looking g 8.8! MMM crème burleh hot desert caramel not like Kraft 5 cent goodness squares Buy sum yum yum

Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 06:10:12

Wildberry was not wild about it taste flowery 6.3 buzz 7.3 crumbly piece For price & glad I tried 8.2 Recommend no reorder this flav GS its good per prix!

fm 2019-09-03 06:08:05

beau bon pas chere!!!!!

Supernatural1971 2019-08-12 08:49:57

Candy of cotton- Makes u floss, Taste 7.1 Buzz 7.77 Blue & Pink hybrid sticky side effects_ cavity's (no search) hopefully, maybe type 2 Diab 5* price for flavor, full smokable malleable TY Cheebas Response & packaging 100%! Request Leo, 000 #, HYA, K-bombs, Romeo, Gucci & PK hash

Supernatural1971 2019-07-29 11:45:26

Banana Split: Wow flavor 9 just like burning banana flambe! High 8 Smokes 7.5 Recommend flavor is divine banana chips! There is $$$ in the banana stand, that's arrested development!

Supernatural1971 2019-07-29 09:48:37

Peach- Taste authentic real peachy aroma 9.3 High 8.3 hits nicely hard relaxing 90 min! smokes 8 BTS smooth looks 7.77 Recommend & Reorder Peach sativa weed strain 23 % THC grew outdoors 2004 Larention mountains Big & Bushy!

Supernatural1971 2019-07-29 09:48:24

Strawberry Shortcake Taste just like desert 9 smokes 7 High 8 Hungry & awake recommend I like both Gold seal flavor & Merecedes equally strength & price More flavors on the Mercedes svp Merci

Supernatural1971 2019-07-29 06:09:19

Bluest of Razzleberry : Taste & Aroma 10+ smokes 8 high 7.75 overall 9+ nice price Best tasting Gold seal flavor yet! Raspberry & Blue like a refreshing slush with sweetness of candy floss

Konfucius 2019-07-08 06:42:57

Just had the "orange & cream" flavour"; hints of fruity orange, mellow and sweet. Easy on the intake and nice effect as well. Granted it's not "super-hash", it's a very good upper-mid quality product with an unusual and fun flavour at an excellent price. I recommend it.

Maxime brière 2019-07-04 11:23:13

Banana split flavor taste really good , banana and chocolate mix verry good together!

Don 2019-06-26 08:14:23

Hey this hash is amazing. Thanks for the surprise in our last order Cheebas. It was also very tasty. Will recommend Cheebas to any of our friends.

Maxime Briere 2019-06-07 12:20:07

Amazing taste ! And nice buzz. I really enjoy

zopep 2019-06-07 11:29:19

Tastes like pineapple cream kinda cool , good high just like Mercedes , want a pina colada ..

zopep 2019-06-07 11:29:16

Tastes like cotton candy , good for novelty at parties , good high will try other flavors .

Supernatural1971 2019-05-31 06:52:48

Cake Batter: Sweet! angel food cake 7.77 all boxes Buy 7g if u like sweet smooth smoke Wedding cake weed strain like

Supernatural1971 2019-05-31 06:52:42

KEY LIME: Very lime that's the key 9 all boxes Made me Fell British Florida like watching Natural porn killars Did u like key lime pie when u had it No but I was a different person back then, Ty Woody! Oliver stoner

Supernatural1971 2019-05-31 06:52:38

She like Lemon taste like my car Very nice hash 8.6 all boxes Price 10 bts 9 nice happy sour pucker candy buzz smoked it in the shade Pulp fiction free I didn't have any Burger King $5 shake but its a good shake no alcohol in it or nothing Vincent Vega

Supernatural1971 2019-05-31 06:52:23

Rainbow Splash: Skittelz flav 10 Love KB description of licking a rainbow that made me happy for days! I bought 7g & so glad I did I smell it frequently Its OUTSTANDING!

Supernatural1971 2019-05-31 06:52:19

Orange u glad I found 5ths * mmm Cream in my jeans Hash! ORANGE Cream * update I'm new here (special) day pass peeps

Kitty Bong 2019-05-29 07:50:45

Wow! I love rainbow splash! Can't quite describe the flavour, sweet but not overwhelming, if you can imagine licking a rainbow, this is it. Fun buzz, easy tasty rainbows. Definitely getting a bigger batch next time

NewfoundlandMan 2019-05-27 05:48:17

This Gold Seal (Flavoured) Hash was part of my recent, first order with Cheeba's and I am happy that I gave it a try! Cookie Dough, Pineapple, Bubble Gum and Fruit Punch...all dark green and pliable...and rolled up in a spliff with just a pinch of tobacco burned slow and tasted yummy! A nice uplifting and relaxing buzz that was perfect in the morning with a cuppa coffee. Will definitely try some of the dozen or so new "flavours" with my next order. Thank you Cheeba's! :)

DC 2019-04-29 06:45:18

Gold seal Hash(Marshmallow) fist da smell real pungent u think there's a marshmallow in there with da hash👍🏽. Da high was real good last long high 👍🏽.will recommend this Hash.this hash is with da top Hash's👍🏽.

Konfucius 2019-04-23 10:08:50

Just had the pineapple. Pleasant taste even if artificial. Surprisingly smooth. Surprising high as well, I don't know if it's me but feels more potent than the regular Gold Seal. Amazing kick for the buck!

Kittybong 2019-04-21 12:53:26

All these flavour choices are going to spoil me. Love the strawberry! Root beer, cookie dough, smores were all good as well. Fun high, kept wanting to dance. Malleable enough to mold however you want. Easy on the throat.

Supernatural1971 2019-04-02 02:38:40

Want SMore! bts well high 8 burnt graham crackers taste Sweet choclately hash!

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:28

Root Beer: Hires, A&W .Mugs Dads, Pop Shoppe nose 4 flavor Eddy Shack, Becker's & Barqs has byte! Flavor10 Root Beer bottle caps. Buzz 7.5 mid-tier happy hash @ Great Price! Foamy smoke. Count (weights) 10 How do u spell Sass-Par-ella? 5* not 3. Cant manipulate field. TY for filters! Great, better then business cards, elements & raw. TY I still use Reese, gfs paystubs & she uses her pantyhose insert cards to get over 50 jays use! Queen size + BBW mmm & since its no Secret, she's got Leggs, the egg shaped now Pot holder got to runs. 80s joke in there Retro

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:26

Fruit Punch: duck wack jab: Taste 10 high 7.5 like Fruitee & Sun-pac fruit punch flav tasted sweet cherry Lik-a-maid powder no pink stick Price 10 Recommend! Fun! Somebody did spike the punch! Very natural flavoring Great job Cheebas! Making March Madness Madder!!! Sprung fever/ Save a Seal, smoke Gold Heidi Klum did! FP 0 heartburn low acidity

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:26

Strawberry Cream! 10 Taste aphrodisiac Very nice aroma in air while & after smoking, High 8.5 cuz flavor adds to it! This was both our favorite! MMM sweet smoke all day all night .Creamy smoke! Recommend reorder Really nice Flavor flav 5*+!

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:25

Mango" 10 flavor Exact! Hit it out of the park! Effects 8 Nice long lasting focused relaxed high bit of a creeper then settles in nicely. Mangos from Cuba Mango big staple in MJ world luv it! 5*

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:24

Marsh mellow 10 Not harsh mellow/ This Taurus luvs marsh mellows. Flavor was spot on! Make Rice Krispies squares flav! I always admired a friends Milf who would bring us a batch with tang after we did sum bts & or oil. High 9 cuz Luv the Mellow marsh. A house that served peanut brittle is a place I didn't go back too unless Mum was that Hot or older sisters mwa

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:24

Cherry Cola: Tasted 8 like Dr. Pepper High 7 it did pop savage garden song in my head! Resembles bottle caps flat cherry cola taste or cherry cola lip smacker. Question: Do u no why many people in Miami have red noses?..... Answer: Its the New Cherry Coke lol

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:23

Pineapple: 10 spot on taste like pineapple OG! Buzz 7.5 nice chunk smokes really well pick up easy Maliable fresh hash

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:22

Cookie Dough: Taste 9 smoke it but don't eat it raw! Very sweet hash high 8 Effects happy, content, relaxed & hungry! Gives munchies, Junk fatty sweet food MMM I always wanted my mom to save me the Bowl but she said I should flush like other children/ I used to do summer saults in my diapers, is that not shitty but she still Pampers me lol farina Gurbers mushy peas 5*

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:22

Bubble gum: 8 Resembles Bazooka Joe/ Black Bart High 8 bit better then bg flav M 4* 5* for price. Looking 4ward 420 sale in April & its Earth day My Bday: God knew what he was doing! Things do happen for a reason! If I was a femme I wood want the Name Mary Jane of course ,but he got the date Right! My cell # even ends in 420 I get the occasional stranger text simply states Stoner lol True stories, Recommend! I will order original as I luv the hash mint sour purp kush flav Cheebas Rules!!! it does not bubble nice clean ash half melt red rock

sudbury 2019-03-28 07:44:12

smells and taste like bubble gum good buzz cant go wrong for the price and something different

Supernatural1971 2019-05-31 06:53:02

ORANGE CREAM: Taste exact, crumbly sticky 8.5 all boxes but for price & taste 10 Very mellow fun high Dance, talk, excitable hash TY love the price & flavor Your GS is got to come back to & I have high tolerance & I get nice high from it! TY!

Supernatural1971 2019-05-31 06:52:54

Tropical Punch : Very coconut & pinpom xotica taste! 9 flavor 8 high 10 for price Buy 7g @ least! Every flavor! buzz changes slightly with flavor!!!

Kari 2019-05-15 01:28:09

The Pineapple is more crumbly than the other flavors I received. It's decent quality with a artificial pineapple flavor, this one was not my favorite for my tastes.

Chet 2020-02-26 12:45:08

Not bad. Not great but for the price it was definitely worth the quarters worth I bought. Rolls nicely in joints

Bee 2019-06-05 07:10:38

It's great hash! Only thing I didn't like was if you wanted an ounce you can only get 1 flavor unless you pay more for separate quarters. Product is great though. Wasn't huge on the orange cream, it gets a little nasty after so much of it but overall not bad.

CSA 2019-04-07 12:28:37

Mmm strawberry Cream daytime high burns nice, not harsh as expected. flavored enough but not overdone $ = quality overall no couch lock, daytime creativity, lowerback and knee pains relief

Paul C 2019-04-02 02:38:43

Got this for the wife, nice taste, smell before lit is a little over powering with the strawberry, but is well balanced in the smoke. Worth getting as a novelty and for guests. Taste 7, smoke 7, high 7.

Willis 2019-10-02 03:00:55

Cherry cola no good taste awful

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