Red Light Windmill

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Red Light Windmill Hash from Amsterdam

We have never had any hash from Amsterdam but with this example, we are confident that this will be in the regular line-up. Lighter and red-brown in color than many imports. It is the nose that first stands out. This one has a fresh, floral spice with a diesel nose. Intoxicating. Uniform in texture throughout and is a little sticky, medium soft and so easy to work with.

As with almost all imports we don't the exact strain the base product was but most of those areas have a primarily Indica base and have lower THC. Amsterdam as we all know is no stranger to selling Hash to locals and tourists. Most of these people know the locally made product packs a bigger punch than let's say a traditional Morracon Hash. As we get reviews in and test this over Canada Day this will update. If you shop us for hash then you know we bring it the best. Enjoy



PedalNinja 2021-10-01 10:57:14

I gotta say this is really good hash, pretty strong, this is definitely an end of your night hash, tasty too, a somewhat classic hash taste, definitely buying more when its on sale again :)

Squiddo 2021-08-03 04:12:55

Red light ... windmill ...I thought it was a Moulin Rouge pun, but Windmills are typically dutch light district also. meh.. nevermind I digress so fast. Good looks and aroma. Taste and sent are right between Afghani and commercial Moroccan. Also reminds me of Tajik hash. Smooth tokes ..easy on the brain. This would be perfect to share with elders and you will still be able to grasp at the nuances in the following conversation. Not that strong but top quality is here.

Clinton 2021-08-02 02:28:22

Oh, I like this and I'm ordering more... great taste and buzz...

trailman 2021-07-24 04:26:07

When you look at the texture it looks like greenish yellowish brownish, but when smoked it comes out as a very pleasant taste and effects. To me it taste like black hash , but might taste different for others. This one will remain under my radar.

coverttech 2021-09-23 11:58:56

not bad