1g Preroll Doobie Gorilla Glue 19% THC


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Product Description

Shhhhhhh Pre-Rolls are manufactured using Shhhhhhh’s homegrown strains. They are machine rolled into perfect cones, and hermetically sealed in airtight tubes to lock in freshness

Each Shhhhhhh Pre-Roll contains approximately one gram of lab-tested high quality flower.




Chet 2020-06-04 11:28:03

I love these pre rolled. Not sure if the are as high in THC they say they are because the wife and I can smoke one then reach for a regular joint. Still $12.50 for a gagger is a deal. I get one or 2 of these at a time

Jimena 2020-04-25 01:14:08

I almost didn't want to smoke it because whoever rolled it did such a beautiful job!!!!!! Took a while to get it going but effects were quick and no coughing which is a huge bonus for me. I hate big coughing fits after taking puffs. Will definitely order this one again. Nice and smooth!

Supernatural1971 2019-09-26 01:41:09

taste 9 Effects 8 Burned fast though 6 I like GG#4 bit better wont be reordering but recommend for lower tolerance daytime treat

Supernatural1971 2019-04-13 11:01:02

No Monkeying around Star update

Supernatural1971 2019-03-14 01:33:11

Best GG ever! Perfect roll job! Taste 10 smokes 10 effect 8+ Fun Creative silly Recommend Nice hybrid sour dub chocolate diesel Must order Put in cart I go ape for it cuz this strain is bananas Gas Fire Quad primo