Grape LA
Grape LA

Grape LA


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Product Description

Grape LA is and Indica dominate cross between Grapefruit and LA Confidential coming in at 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Comes on with a cerebral buzz that is happy and heady that starts as a tingle behind the eyes before slowly transition into a full body relaxing Indica high.

You'll fall into an unfocused state that's sedative and once spread to the body it'll leave you completely relaxed and happy about being kinda couch bound but not stuck. With super high TCH levels of approx. 30% this is perfect for treating conditions such as insomnia, chronic stress, depression and migraines. With a pungent sweet earthy smoke with hints of coffee, this is perfect for end of day relax time.



OGconnoisseur 2020-04-15 08:29:02

Straight FIRE! One of the best strands i've ordered from you guys. Packs a power punch. This one takes the edge off and left me feeling relaxed and euphoric

LuckLap 2020-03-04 01:03:09

I am a huge fan of L.A. Confidential phenotypes type of indica quality high. I try to try them all. Oh it there, very nice!