Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear


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Product Description

Gummie Bear Strain at Cheebas

Gummy Bears is the genetic offspring of True OG, Strawberry Banana, and Blackberry.  This balanced hybrid has lime and evergreen flowers with distinctly bright orange pistils and a nice level of sparkly trichomes.  A deliciously sweet and candy-like smell emanates from the buds, which translates to an earthy lemon and pine flavor with combustion or vaporization.   

The high is a slow-building and pleasant euphoric head high followed by a lazy body high that may lead to a feeling of complete relaxation. Nice and balanced smoke easy on everyone.




TheKushFamily 2020-12-28 12:34:24

One of my favourite daytime smokes, chilling yet keeps the brain going!

Supernatural1971 2020-06-23 11:37:58

Had all 3 strains on their own Many x BB awesome True OG Good SB okay...Butt Big Butt Gummy Bears looks Golden! 9.6 Smells like a gorgeous cruise ship/resort sun tan lotion, drinks, grilled food & Hot Ladies! Effects Arousal & memorable! Tried the shatter 3 years ago I like this Strain Hybrid even better! Tested 27.77% THC 65/35 IND Dom Hybrid (Rare)! Eat the edibles, Smoke this 3 way x Congrats on the pick Cheebas ! & Grateful to the Grower! Hits fast for me! Taste strong, lite cough on exhale= Power! Great relaxation! Review smoked a g in a bubbler. Bought 7g so u should! Vacay Staycation Weed

Toot 2020-09-01 03:54:44

DiDidn't really get anything off of them