Gummy Surprise Egg


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Product Description

Check out this awesome egg by Chocolit! They include 5 x 10mg's a Kinder Surprise for stoners!

You can smell, taste, and feel the weed in the chocolit- it's deliciious and potent!

75mg THC in the Chocolit

5 gummies each with 10mg THC

Supplies are limited so buy it before they're gone!



trailman 2021-06-24 08:22:35

Fun getting a surprise once in a while and for the price ..why not. Tasty and chewy, its just enough for a good day without being overwhelming. Took a bike ride and had a great time

Kenny 2021-03-24 02:54:08

Just put in my Adult Easter treats order... I'm going to be chasing around my wife like a little rabbit as soon as they arrive LOL I've tried KandyKandy and Chocolit brands before and loved them both so I couldn't resist this treat.