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HTFSE 1g Vape Cartridges by Unicorn Hunter

Vape Carts

SKU: 39-112-2349
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Product Description

HTSFE or High-Terpene Full Spectrum Extract vape carts are flavorful and potent. Unlike distillate vape products these have all the terpenes preserved. This allows for the full range of compounds from the cannabis plant to shine.

1g | standard 510 threading

These are combo pens each offing a unique mix of THC: CBD in each of the three strains. Each strain is No VIT E / NO VG / NO PG and are solvent-free.

Watermelon HTFSE - THC @ 60%  2:1 CBD @ 30%

Cannatonic HTFSE - THC @30% 1:2 CBD @ 60%

Green Apple HTFSE - THC @ 70% 3.5:1 CBD @ 20%