Habibi Hash

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Habibi Hash is finally back and it is the best we have seen.

This is soft and creamy, so easy to work with you will be able to enjoy it any way you like. Bursting with a complex combination of spicy diesel, sweet dank earthy aroma, and made with only the best product this is potent and gives off the traditional import hash experience.

This is a deeply calming pleasant high. Perfect for time with friends, nature, or erasing tension. A little research and you learn Habibi translates to "my love" we think this is a perfect way to describe the effort and time that goes into making hash like this.




ebomeister 2021-11-29 03:06:59

finally its back.....and worth the wait! This Habibi Hash is different from the Habibi Sandstorm that was available a while ago.....(hopefully it returns as well). While the Habibi Sandstorm was a little harder and blonder (reminded me more of a Moroccan/Atlas mountain strain), this Habibi is softer and slightly darker and even smoother on the throat/lungs. A very lovely tasting hash that burns well, is extremely soothing.....and is great to mix with other strains. Its seems to fuse well with almost anything and improves the overall inner glow......but is also great on its own. The speed and dependability of quality products shins through once again for Cheebas.......tip of the hat, appreciated and well done!