Hannibal Nectar Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Hannibal Nectar by Insanity Strains is a pro-grade cross not meant for unexperienced cannabis consumers. This weighty cross of The Loops and Pineapple Cheese hits the body like a ton of bricks, squinting the eyes and hazing the mind. The strain’s aroma is that of pungent citrus and cheesy musk which morphs into a tang of musky grapefruit and berries on the palate. Enjoy this strain near the end of the day to maximize its potent, stoney effects.



Supernatural1971 2019-04-29 06:46:08

Taste like Hawaian pizza with coffee! 10! Effects 9 time warp heady starts in eyes after couple tokes. Smokes 9 Recommend Resembles pic! Cheebas description spot on for my wonderful experience

Sippy 2019-07-05 09:56:43

Amazing flavour and aroma, would buy again if it comes back in stock.

eazyd 2019-05-19 03:23:55

nice indica feel, burn well and quick. very easy too work with with a nice taste. high quality product.

Kari 2019-05-08 10:33:51

Very oily fibrous hash that has flavor somewhere between hash and weed. It smoked very nicely. It's also quite strong, a creeper.

Trailman 2019-04-03 08:10:43

After exhaling my first couple of tokes, i knew right there that this is a good one. The joy of smoking hash is not just the buzz but also the taste going in, which this one taste like a bit of Nuken Hash with a little bit of apple and blueberry in the mix....thats my tastebuds, could be different for others. Very fresh, breaks up easily and compresses back to a chunk without problems. Thanks Cheebas.... If there was a wishlist, some Nepalese Hash would be nice for this site...

Rev James dudeist 2019-04-13 11:00:38

Excellent for pain relief, but I'm not in pain. This is a great choice for anyone who does not enjoy the aroma and flavor of hash.