Hash Joints 6 Pack
Hash Joints 6 Pack

Hash Joints 6 Pack

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Product Description

Hand Made Hash Joint at Cheebas

Lets not have any confusion. Photo guy wanted to make this look delicious for you, which is why you get the glamour shots. 2pac has 2 joints 6 pack has 6 joints. There are no 3 packs. Enjoy



Martman 2020-11-10 01:00:56

Thought I would try these out...quite pleasant...well crafted. Smoked well. easy for sharing with friends. everyone gets their own and I didn't have to roll them. Great deal. Thanks Cheeba's and Hashman for another great product.

Supernatural1971 2020-04-21 12:35:10

Buy six pick up Styx Don't get 2 save $11 Grate joint! Clean 1 light no runs no drops guessing Hashman used OG Kush for filler 0 tobacco Not sure what hash is used hopefully will put on description buy it! A better hash joint then I can roll. Price & Handy 8.22 all boxes Like a little more hash taste but if you like Kush Who doesn't? Then this guess ,3g hash .7g of OG then Buy $49 for 6 Great deal Buying again! buzzed 2 hours would guess its over 20% THC Feel hybrid IND Dom smoke anytime for sexperience shmokers

Twelvecircles 2020-10-27 07:00:49

Did the trick, but didn't taste any hash really.

hallucinate 2020-05-08 08:07:43

Not bad but not the best.