Herban Legands - Tangerine Dream
Herban Legands - Tangerine Dream

Herban Legands - Tangerine Dream


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Product Description

Tangerine Dream has a fresh tangerine aroma that almost seems like it could not be real. Opening the bag and the whole room smells like fresh orange with pine and earth offering a truly unforgettable taste. The nugs are dense medium-sized and covered in bright orange pistils and coated in sugar.

This a sativa leaning hybrid made by crossing G13 X Haze. The effects are a hazy blend of sativa and indica with smokers enjoying a clear-headed high that is very relaxed but aware. The high comes on smoothly no punch out but with THC in the range of 20% it sticks around for a while and overindulging can lead to couch-lock.

The tin states it is a Sativa and a nighttime smoke, strange but both are true. If your looking for an energic sativa this is not it. Think euphoric and relaxed with the ability to move into the end of day in a relaxed state that will allow for sleep.