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Product Description

Herban Legends - Pineapple

Sativa | approx. 21% THC | Daytime Smoke | Guaranteed Fresh

Pineapple Strain not to be confused with Pineapple Express from Herban Legends is a more potent, earthy strain with hints of skunk, less of the sweetness, and tropical notes. The effects are cerebral, not anxiety-inducing but an energetic content happiness. The high comes on fast and puts you in a hazy spacey cloud. The house tester said he had overwhelming munchies and stoner looking watery eyes.

Might not be a lunchtime workday smoke.



Angela 2021-06-14 10:43:11

delicious strain but the high was more mellow than I expected. For the price i wanted to get super blasted...it was nice but not as strong as I need

Raj M 2021-09-10 06:51:58

Smells amazing light fluffy yet still a bit sticky. Smooth smoke nice flavor of the first few hits. Only reason why I gave this delightful bud a 3 star is because this stuff makes me crash HARD! Not usually the reaction I get with sativas or most indicas even.