Himalayan Frost


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Product Description

NEW to Cheebas - Himalayan Frost is a rare sativa leaning hybrid that offers strong indica effects the more you smoke it.

With approx. 24%THC these dense chunky buds are covered in a frosty sticky resinous coat and opening the bag gives what is best described as a unique nose. The high is fast and strong we would remind the novice user to pace themselves because the high can easily become overpowering and too much for some.

The indica side of this will demand you have snacks available.






Roberto Simone 2020-12-06 01:15:40

If you’ve ever tasted Gatorade frost and love it, GET THIS STRAIN!!!

trees 2020-11-26 02:23:02

Unbelievably frosty, just beautiful green layered bud covered in fresh snow. surprisingly strong too - Instant heady slight racy high after smoking while a much heavier second wave creeps in.

Squiddo 2020-11-25 09:56:36

Excellent fruity taste. If you zoom into the nugs it will look like micro-quartz. Who grew this? ...A jeweller? A geologist?? Get some while it lasts.

Bart 2020-10-17 01:00:44

Yummy , I liked this Bud ,Nice taste and a good high ! Thumbs up !!

Supernatural777 2020-10-02 02:27:07

New to the great Frost family purp, pink, White and Forest my favorite. Himalayan brings caked resembles kief covered moon rock! Rare, prix taste and ample Ind Afghanistan Hindu effects IMO 9.2 overall all boxes recommend Glad you enjoyed stay safe litly