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Jack Herer 7g Sativa Herban Legends


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Product Description

The Man the Myth the legend - Jack Herer now at Cheebas

If you're a smoker you have heard the name, Jack Herer. Like David Suzuki is known for Chemo Jack is know humbly by his own name sack strain Jack Herer. This is a high-quality high THC Sativa strain that brings you the best of Cerebral elevation, creativity, and an elevated clear head that attacks creative thinking.

This beauty is coming in at approx 22% THC and is without a question a daytime smoke. So many Sativa strains are citrus in aroma a flavor. This is a spicy, pine freshness that has a hint of citrus. Herban Legends has done us proud, we expect this to be a hit like the other legends offered.




Mick Foleeee 2021-06-14 09:31:45

I love the cans this came in! The bus was fresh, tasty and potent as all hell! JH is a classic and this is a great example of a fav strain!