Jet Fuel Sativa Full Melt Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Full melt Jet Fuel

Looking for a potent Sativa hash? Look no further! Jet Fuel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that brings on a mental euphoria that doesn’t ruin the rest of your day! If you like a hash toke (or 6) during the day, then Jet Fuel might be your new favorite!

Get ready for a giggle fit- this Sativa strain is known to put you in a happy mood and things might just become better after you’ve smoked some. The tail-end of the high will slow you down though, smoking Jet Fuel isn’t a substitute for a cup of coffee, but as far as hash goes, it’s on the energetic side of the spectrum. The aroma is fresh, spicy floral diesel. Ya its tough to describe but delicious.

The full-melt hash options at Cheeba’s have similar consistency and appearance- it’s exactly what you want so the guys at Kootenay just made it right. Soft, workable, delicious smell- it’s everything you want in a premium hash.



ChronicKim 2022-01-12 06:05:30

Description spot on. Excellent melt hash. basically turns to liquid on my pipe and vaporizes.