Kerosene Krash


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Product Description

Kerosene krash is known for its amazing terpene profile which is not as gassy as the name would suggest but very prominent with a mix of earthy and almost fruity aroma. Created by crossing Gorilla Gule and Sherbert you know going in this is a potent aromatic powerhouse of a smoke. 

As a strong leaning indica Kerosene Krash is great for enjoying in the evening or your end of the day. This hits hard and fast and the result is a full-body stone combined with a cerebral euphoria. Overindulging will lead to couch-lock.



Hammersnapperhose 2021-11-26 05:56:51

Pretty good stuff. A little dryer than I like but the joints burn nice and even albeit a little quickly because its on the dry side. The buzz is nice and mellow.