Kings Crown CREAM Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Kings Crown Cream at Cheebas

If you know Kings Crown then give this new treat from the magical hash maker.

Potent and flavourful this hash packs a punch at 53% THC! The brick is hard to mold but can stretch and twist forever if you have the strength. So sticky. Much lighter in color than the original Kings Crown. Like brown sugar in appearance but that end with the appearance. Enjoy intoxicating effects and strong body stone.

Springwater and ice extraction, no solvents or additives, Mostly Melt.



Spark 2021-02-16 01:13:43

Very strong, takes a few minutes, then I felt it..

Toke Street 2021-02-14 12:43:39

Just love the elegant intensity and subtle flavours of this K. C. Cream. Strong, narcotic and euphoric. Masterful prep but a tad crystalline when cold. Must set up a “King’s Crown Showdown” with the original plus K.C. Crumble soon with a nurse on hand....just in case.

trailman 2021-02-05 12:06:31

When i got my chunk the color was a bit different than the original, a bit less dark. The outside was very shinny, its almost like a work of art. The taste is simular to the original and will not dissapoint. Taking my time smoking it as it looks soo good with that glaze.

Kari 2021-02-02 04:02:32

Outstanding! Very powerful, as much as the normal King's Crown if not more. Truly among the most potent you can get, similar to the real strong bubble hashes in strength. The flavor is nice, not very leafy at all. The texture is very different from the standard King's Crown, dark brown and very sticky but can be chunked up for joints with a bit of effort. I hope to see this again in the future.

Bayern 2021-02-01 01:25:37

This one hits it outtakes the park for me bubbles nice good pain relief still can function, but if I over do it I can get some good sleep!! You need to keep this in stock cheebas a gem for sure!!

Squiddo 2021-01-26 02:08:30

Quality ice hash. Harsh on the larynx so you will cough a little. The taste is very subtle compared to the strong greenhouse bouquet. Has an noticeable aftertaste. Sticky but still easy to work with. 53% THC in deed! Mostly melts but not fully. The description is accurate. Good strong stuff.