Knight Rider
Knight Rider

Knight Rider


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Product Description

Knight Rider is either a mutt with unknown lineage or it is a deep secret. But either way you don't judge your friends by their parents so get to know this weed for what it is. We can be sure it is of OG Kush background and the name is telling you something and you should listen.

This is an Indica dominant hybrid but you should expect heavy Indica effects. It starts in the eyes and builds through the neck and leaves you on a one way trip to couch-lock town. Zero functionality and intense munchies are in the future.

Great for chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, and stress.



Roberto Simone 2020-12-06 01:15:21

Damn I was so stoned I put my KR review in the MAC section! My bad Cheebas, but ur shit has me too high function, lmfao! Knight rider is one hell of a ride folks, don’t faround on diz shii!!

Squiddo 2020-11-25 09:56:27

I had the K-2000 big-wheel and I was the boss of my hood when I was 6-7. I also tried to roll towards the setting sun while a girl is grieving my departure, with different results... One big toke is like pushing the eject button.

Super naturally 2020-10-26 11:26:33

Michael... Kit is like deep sleep, Mike Tyson Had those try this! 80s cheesy tv show feeling German pop songs and going to the beach maybe getting drunk eating messy hamburger and post it.The hoof and David was my buzz I Wake n baked nice nap recommend Disclaimer I love KR theme song not scene 1 episode only start opening Babewatch Ty Pamela Anderson BC native animal lover then u would love me to