Kush Mint Full Melt Hash

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Product Description

Kush Mint Full Melt

A cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints this is a balanced hybrid known for deep relaxation. This option of full our melt options is a little harder, it snaps when bent and has an almost sift like quality to it, not as sticky as or soft as Jet fuel

The aroma is a diesel mint pine with a beautiful spice to it. The sharp mint is fresh and can trick you into thinking this is an easy-going smoke but this hit mind and body quickly with a heavy high. The process maximizes the THC trichomes and utilizes them in the hash-making process to capture the aroma- full melt hash seems to have the best smell of any variety of hash.


Feeling sore? Love hash? If yes, then you’ve found your new favourite strain! Kush Mints is a hybrid strain that helps ease chronic pain without being a total couch-locker. As if hash doesn't provide enough physical relaxtion, this Kush Mints batch is the cure to what ailes you!