Large Cannagar - Cookies OG
Large Cannagar - Cookies OG

Large Cannagar - Cookies OG


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Product Description

Balling? Going to a huge party and want to be the main event? Or do you just want to treat yourself for being you... Introducing the Cannagar, possibly the coolest cannabis creation we have seen in a while. The product is made from 100% cannabis... no tobacco or filler. This one burns for more than an hour on average depending on how many people are sharing and how fast you pull on it. Each cannagar is hand rolled in cannabis leaves using premium cannabis flower, rosin and dry sift. Each Cannagar comes with a wooden tip for an enhanced smoking experience. These guys are pricey and not for everyone but if you are in the mood to impress (and be impressed) this is for you.

Strain: Cookies OG

Item is 1 Cannagar in glass tube sealed with wax, remove string and paper prior to smoking



Supernatural1971 2019-08-14 09:53:42

10! Awesome! Tastes, burns so slowly! Blasted high AF! Too the moon, Love this product Buddha Blessings! The wooden filter gets a tad hard but the pulls are worth it, Draw effortless! Smoke 1 on & off all day & night, Groggy next am like a weed hangover a few diplomat/sift # will cure, I ate & ate $3 Big Macs & was very thirsty Indica, comfortable couchlock with erections but no happy endings energy of a sloth LOVED it Reorder & Recommend High Ballers Flick da wrist Kitchen play Cheddar