Lime Mint Cookie
Lime Mint Cookie

Lime Mint Cookie


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Product Description

Lime Mint Cookies at Cheebas

Here is another great unique offering from a Craft Small Batch BC grower.

This is an Indica dominant hybrid that rocks the moment you open the bag and smell the fresh citrus notes. This is a well-rounded smoke that comes on steady with a mellow mind and body stone that's great for veterans and newbies alike. Expect creativity and focus but if you're looking to get things done don't smoke too much.



Supernatural1971 2020-07-24 02:59:36

LMC resembles pic 9/2 taste lemon mango 7.77 effects 8.4 in waves lil bit of creeper 24% THC smells 8.8 minty fruity vanilla Reminds 1 of Cold Gin lemon Gin used to say on bottle could cause temporarily blindness 35% if u drank a lot! PD accurate this hybrid for all stronger effects when smoked more priced fair!