MOTA, holding the privilege of reputation for producing some of the finest Canadian cannabis infused products. Based on beautiful Vancouver Island, where the sea and wild mountains meet, it’s here you’ll find some of Canada’s best medicinal quality derivative cannabis products.

These passionate cannabis producers work closely with patients, carefully selecting strains and refining growing, extraction and infusion techniques. With a focus on quality, purity, and consistency, an evolution forged by experience, knowledge and dedication, each plant is carefully matched to ideal conditions for its genetics and raised to maturity with pristine care.

Why Cheeba’s Loves MOTA:

-Patient based research

-Constantly adjusting and refining products

-Hand crafted products

-Unmatched variety

From flower, to edibles, to tinctures and all in between, MOTA is your one stop shop for cannabis products. Grab your MOTA favourites online at Cheeba’s.

120mg Citrus Jelly Sugar Free ...


Mota 125mg THC Hard Candies as...


THC Spray Sativa & Indica Opti...


Mota 240mg THC BHOBOTS