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Product Description

Our weed lovers are going to paradise with the new offerings filling out shelves. Mandalorian is a rare Indica dominant strain that is without compromise.

This is a full-body high that is known for bringing on heavy cravings for food. Not snacks, you'll want to eat your fridge and cupboard. For an Indica this is not couch locking right away but more creative and daydreamy. Very calm and comfortable state of mind.

Then the limbs go and couch lock is on the way as is deep relaxation. This is new to Cheebas, we can't wait to hear what you think. There are so many options out there to save big on weed but these and the growers are top shelf and come in at a great price. The smoke is smooth and rich with a skunky, earthy-sweet flavor that is difficult to place. Check the pictures the buds are large, firm, and dense with tons of amber hairs.

This is worth buying in larger weights to get the bigger beautiful buds.