Meet the Cookies
Meet the Cookies

Meet the Cookies


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Meet the Cookies at Cheebas

I seem to be saying this a lot lately but when you're busy bringing the best to your customers like Cheebas is then shopping needs to be done. You know the boss likes the best and freshest stains to showcase, we got them.




dunco 2020-10-21 08:40:59

the was really good looking bud smokes good (mellow)

Jman 2020-07-22 08:50:23

This strain was nice density and covered in frost with noticibly bright orange hairs. Really good buzz too.

Supernatural1971 2020-07-07 01:16:06

Looks 10 bragging budz Smokes 9 taste 8.8 vanilla Effects 50/50 hybrid mid-afternoon high good GSC phenotype is there cherry Kush/poison in there? Meet them again or for the 1st time. This weeds for everybody. picky to Novice Enjoy! 17.77% THC Great in a Joint Goes good with Buttermilk strain or Milf & cookies mwa sequel