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Memory Loss
Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Premium Domestic Hash

SKU: 45-64-2019
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Product Description

Did Memory Loss Hash get it name from the odd shape the artisans molded it into; a heavy, hard baton that you could defend your home with, or the effects this new domestic beauty is going to give off. This is going to be a new favorite among our hash lovers. Domestically made in BC by the hash loving expects over at Tegridgy Farms.

Made from the Memory Loss Sativa dominant strain this hash is a cerebral powerhouse that leaves you unfocused and dazed for hours and that is just off the weed, forget about crafting that into a concentrated hash with THC levels far above that of the plant alone. The high comes on fast and like the baton smashes your brain, focus is gone, creativity and energy are on the way. Get snacks and dream away, create and love life.




Kari 2021-01-19 11:25:55

Nice and sticky texture, good potency. Only tried a small amount but I enjoyed it.

Spark 2021-01-12 11:57:38

Very Nice, not many reviews and it's out of stock.

Steve 2020-12-20 01:52:35

Should be called diggidy farms loll ,everrything they got makes you giggly hight , droped 50 iq points smokin theyre stuff soooo good all around verry gladd you guys exist and hope you ll be here for long , thanks again .