Moonshine Extracts - THC Honey Oil 1g


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Product Description

Comes in a glass syringe good for all your dabbing, vaping and ingesting needs!

Moonshine Extracts - THC Honey Oil 1g 880mg THC


Moonshine Extracts begins the intricate process by chilling the product all the way down to -42. The extraction itself is then completed in a time frame of 20 minutes in order to produce oil with little to absolutely no fats and lipids. The absence of fat and lipids allow for an oil that is ready to vape instantaneously, and will leave zero residue around the apparatus used to ingest the product, ensuring that the entire experience is trouble free.

This product contains 880mg of THC and is a Honey Oil product.

Warning: Keep away from children & pets. Do not drive or operate machinery while partaking.