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Natuur - Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 500mg

Cheebas is proud to bring on a new line of CBD products- Natuur! This BC-based, all organic line of CBD tinctures are amazing! If you are fairly new to CBD products, this 500mg full spectrum offering is a great starting bottle. You may experience a sense of calm in both the body and mind, as there are all the elements from the plant in this for night time use

This is the new most popular CBD tincture we offer! Great reviews and a competitive out for Natuur!

Natuur has a certified organic line of premium CBD tinctures- the full spectrum bottles are perfect for relaxing at night. Take the full spectrum tincture for a bit of a buzz in the body and mind :)

This tincture concentrates all the elements of the plant into a liquid form, thus providing you a premium oil with all the benefits from the plant.

Hemp derived, Co2 extracted.

Natuur - Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 500mg
Natuur - Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 500mg

Natuur - Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 500mg

CBD Tinctures

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Chris K 2020-07-28 02:22:21

I started using CBD for the calmness at night to help with sleep. Staying asleep was the issue. I love this stuff no sleeping meds anymore or groggy morning. Using a dropper at night makes for a great day.