Nepalese Style Temple Ball - 50g Ball

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Product Description

We are very proud to have this new edition to our hash lineup. We have fielded the question "when will you be getting the Nepalese Temple Ball hash in" for years, now here at the King of Hash, Cheebas.

The Temple Ball has been a fantastic hit. It is made by using the same ancient Nepalese hash methods, delivering the desired effects and high but it has not been imported. It is an extremely well-made product right here in BC. This is the real deal, it just has not made the trip across the pond. We learned about the product and had to pass it along to our valued customer, even if the hash stands up to a true import our reputation is too important.

This is a soft, sticky, resinous hash. Rich in aroma and true to the narcotic-like effects that the best offings from the old counties provide. Nearly impossible to handle, it sticks to everything but you know you're in for a treat instantly. The aroma is sweet, spicy diesel notes, and the shiny exterior gives way to uniform medium-dark brown mass.

The high is a creeper with intoxicating cerebral and powerful body effects. This is aged to perfection. Dab it, roll it, mix with flower. The best use practice is to roll it back into a ball once done for the day. This won't couch lock you but don't overindulge, it is very strong. Enjoy

Now for some math. The temple ball is so sticky it is near impossible to work with, in a lighter weight.

The ball is 50grams

625/50 = 12.50 a gram

That is an amazing price for this quality and rare product. Chat with your pals and split it or enjoy, live life and enjoy with friends.



Edzzzz 2021-09-18 05:14:54

This turned a complete shit Friday from the moment I got up to when I opened my mailbox. Said Monday delivery but somehow I new Cheebas would make it all better. Not exactly as described not as sticky and relatively easy to crumble if heated through. Smells distinctly different a very unique smelling funk. 50.225 G so break it down and I don’t think you can find a better high end BANG fo your buck. Strait out of waterless bong Smooth asF quick onset of a heady type then moves slowly to an overall well being with related effects. What am I doing in the kitchen with fridge door open. Why am I in the bedroom. Just keeps on going and going. Superblack. I’m a lucky person and I can enjoy exploring the vast selection. Only thing I know fo sho Californians can’t get enough of our beautiful domestic it’s the way to go and this is one of the best examples of buy Canadian.

ebo 2021-08-26 03:58:27

like sly and the family stone sing, the temple ball just takes you "higher" the more you smoke. Very tasty, fun to work with, and lasts forever with 50gms. I like to add a little to joints just for the flavour and effect, or in small bowl/bong.........but if you want to get wasted and get into that kind of opium-like high where everything is just a dream and then you fall asleep......smoke a large bowl (or two),.........I wanna take you higher.....higher!

MEB 2021-06-18 09:22:27

So good, we had to do it twice. Mikey likes it!

DC 2021-05-12 04:51:03

Very nice and tastey.

Steve 2021-05-12 04:50:08

Wow ! Thats what god smokes , taist and smelles like magic , and the price is good , million thanks cheeba ,without you guys this shit pandemia would be a nightmare ,thanks again and please dont stop , have a good one , im waiting for restock to bye another one .

FO Biggles 2021-06-25 10:13:01

Well, 1stly, it's a 48 gram ball (it's double wrapped: a plastic wrap inside with a foil wrap on the outside), otherwise the description is accurate. At 1st, I wasn't impressed, sitting in the front yard chatting with a neighbour, who commented that it smelled like good hash. Then the hammer came down, lightly at 1st. Then, a full-blown hashish reaction: lost complete track of what the neighbour was talking about, just heard numbers & nodded along as if I knew what he was saying. He must have guessed what was up, with the "Are you OK?" look. But, 2 grams short is still 2 grams short. So I give it a 4 when it should have had a 4.5 (hence a 5).