Orange Velvet Underground 7g Herban Legends


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Product Description

OVU or Orange Velvet Underground is a head-twisting Sativa that packs a punch, but a clear punch. The last of the new editions from Herban Legends this beauty checks all the boxes.

With THC levels in the mid 20's and a mouthwatering spicy citrus flavor OVU shows its heritage. With Sour Tangie X Mandarin Sunset X Orange Velvet how could this not be a taste powerhouse? 

The high is a soaring head rush that can spark creativity, or just get you off the couch for a bit. You'll be able to function with this smoke, so pack a bowl for breakfast!

Herban Legends when only the best will do. Guaranteed Fresh.



Do 2021-08-03 04:12:12

Amazing taste!!! The high is way more of a sativa high than indica. Caption crunch berry is a better one for a powerful stone.