Peace Stamp Hash
Peace Stamp Hash

Peace Stamp Hash

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Another new addition to the import line up. Peace Stamp Afghani Hash is an instant staff favorite.

Times of free love, hippies, sit in's and rebellion might come to mind but this seems more sinister. Dark brown in color, soft and pliable, rich spicy aroma with a hint of gas, sticky and not oily. It begs you to keep breathing in the aroma, you twist and pull it but it doesn't want to come apart. This is an artisanal craft hash not often seen.

The picture to me looks like a bomb blew out the side and we can't wait to see it blow our minds.



Daidan2475 2021-01-12 11:57:55

Excellent produit. Très foncé, odeur typique et prononcée afghan. Texture compacte et facilement manipulable. Effet cérébal intense et agréable qui persiste et relaxant pour le corps. Doux pour la gorge et les poumons. Je rachèterai. Excellent product. Very dark, typical and pronounced Afghan smell. Compact and easy to handle texture. Intense and pleasant cerebral effect that persists and relaxes the body. Gentle on the throat and lungs. I will redeem.

TropiCannibis Todd 2021-01-09 03:05:15

I think another reviewer said it was on par with the Black Golds , well it may be it's big sister who knows but it's among the top Imports of hashes , it crumbled and spread and smoked perfectly , found it to be strong and relaxing .... Dang Cheebas you all just keep rising the bar in your import picks..... Solid 9.9 ..... only bad thing to say about peace hash is I didn't order enough which means I need to reorder.... Well made , top grade Import....

trailman 2021-01-07 11:41:20

Another pretty good import, another unique tasty black with the desired results. This hash will make a good buddy to the latest black gold. As a hash smoker, a big thank you to Cheebas.