Pineapple Chunk


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Pineapple Chunk at Cheebas

Pineapple shirts, pineapple cups, and shower curtains. Everywhere you go something is taking this popular name to sell stuff.

This strain is not jumping on the bandwagon it's the real deal. Open the bag and enjoy the heavy funky, pine, and sweet-sour kick of pineapple chunk. The numbers say this is an Indica leaning hybrid but it's a smoke that can go both ways depending on how you go into it. Some say an intense cerebral high, munchies, and no sleep. Others say extremely relaxing and should be enjoyed carefully with nothing to do. Either way, it's high THC and reputation for delivering a long-lasting enjoyable high regardless of where it takes you is here for your enjoyment.




Supernatural1971 2020-07-24 03:00:24

PC is arousal & alive taste 9/6 Effects 8.4 smokes 7.77 AAA better then PE & even with P OG hoping for rings & pieces nxt