Polar Bear Hash

Value Hash

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    $196.00 ($7.00/Gram)

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Product Description

The Polar Bear hash you might recognize from the Unicorn Hunter lineup as Grizzly. The people over at this Hash Shop have changed their recipes and listened to the smokers. All hash starts with the base material of cannabis.

Polar Bear hash is made with Premo indoor-grown BC bud and it has made a huge difference. More potent, smooth but still a value option for all to enjoy.

The aroma is fresh, light, and spicy with an earthy diesel note. Overall the color is darker, more mature. The hash is soft and pliable not crumbly and very easy to work with. They say you never stop learning and we can see this as a great example of perfecting a recipe. All this and still a value hash that respects your bank account.







Supernaturally 777 2021-11-30 06:06:00

Made with purple grizzly kush and philosophers stone in taste, feel and effects. Price spot on very nice buzz pipe friendly Ty for the step up, yet there 1st grizzly was a decent starter BC big black bear nxt. We can bare it

Bongloader 2021-10-03 12:34:09

Really good hash. One of my favourites of the 17 I tried. Tastes fruity like mixed berries. Similar quality to red velvet. Smoked straight in an ice bong.

Weasy 2021-07-06 12:00:02

Good product. I had some of the previous hash they made (grizzly) and like a lot of us wasn’t sure if I try this one or not. I read what Cheebas put in the description and said why not. Everyone deserves a second chance and happy to have tried it. I will buy again of this polar bear. More of a chewy hash, gum style. Good buzz and it still has a little bit of that distinctive smell. Great work, thanks ✌️

Jay 2021-06-30 09:32:53

I grabbed an oz of this based on the description and the maker rep. this was decent hash, but i can't say i liked it all that much personally, i'm an old hash smoker, i like rolling joints the standard way, with a wee bit of decarbed tobacco or some weed. the flavour is not hash like, but more of a strangely burnt fruity taste, it wasn't bad, but i didn't make me want to roll more either. flavour is important to me, and i just wasn't feeling it with this hash. As far as the buzz goes, it was fairly strong, good lasting buzz, no couchlock here either. if you heat this up and try to blend it into your medium of choice, it blends nicely but sticks to your fingers leaving an black stain on your finger tips. snaking it into a joint or breaking it up may be the best rolling method with this hash. My best friend liked it, so he took it.