Pure Pulls KIT - Indica - OG Kush

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Product Description

Pure Pulls - OG Kush Indica Strain Vape Pen Foe Sale Online

1g C02 oil from OG Kush Indica strain loaded into a reusable vape pen. 64.7% THC 0.8% CBD. C02 extraction leaves no residual solvents and is quickly becoming the industry standard. These vape pens are great for someone on the go or when times that discretion is important. Great for concerts, sporting events or just daily cloud life.



Renn 2020-12-07 03:58:17

Was hesitant to order as the above comment was the only comment to go off of. The pools from this pen have been extremely smooth. Very discreet there is no button so it’s just direct inhale to stop or start. So far I’m really enjoying this pen.

Savi 2019-08-01 07:31:36

I really love the Pure pull product, great discrete alternative for me especially being around family and these hits are clean and smooth. Now as for OG Kush, it's my favorite bud to burn so I was really excited for it but when I tried it, I didn't really like the taste. It tasted like plastic and as for the affect, it gave me more of a headache and I felt really stupid. I was looking forward to the CO2 extract of this strain but unfortunately for me, it didn't live up to the hype. A great indica alternative if you want a good kush feeling would be the "grand daddy purple" from Pure pull as well. That one is smooth and helps you relax.