Pure Pulls Refill Cartridge - Hybrid - Girl Scout Cookies 1g

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Product Description

NEW! We reintroduced the natural terpenes, lost in the extraction process. The result: The individual taste and health benefits of each strain is present in all our oils. There are no additives and liquifying agents; it's all plant. 

Refill Cartridge Instructions

We now offer a wide range of oils, with our new innovative formula.  Each cartridge naturally features the distinct character and properties of its strain.  Although these cartridges do fit an industry-standard heating mechanism, we recommend using a Pure Pulls Kit with charger.


  • Unscrew oil cartridge (mouth-piece) from heating mechanism (light-up piece).
  • Screw heating mechanism into new cartridge



Joan Hughes 2020-03-25 08:21:05

Really smooth nice buzz and helps with my chronic pain

Savi 2019-08-01 07:31:16

Amazing daytime strain! If you want something to be able to still have clear mind, awake, upbeat with a buzz then this is the one! This taste is great, the pull is smooth and the high is great! I was able to go to the gym and not feel tired!